"As a performer, Hesselgrave is a spark plug...Absolutely fearless..."

- Jo Ledingham, joledingham.ca on Speech & Debate

Wide Awake Hearts. Photo credit: Eric Chad

"...you can't take your eyes off of Claire Hesselgrave...

...The Vancouver actor, in her Saskatoon debut, has an electricity about her and, you suspect, unlimited range from comic to dramatic."    

- Cam Fuller, Star Phoenix on Love/Stories

"...Hesselgrave’s comic timing is exemplary."

- Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight on STATIONARY

STATIONARY. Photo Credit: Ryan Alexander McDonald

"Hesselgrave is sensational...

...She’s alternately ferocious as her character describes how she will take garden shears to her partner’s genitals,

and luscious and sexually charged when she drapes herself around her lover. You can smell her longing for him.

The push and pull of love is almost unbearable to watch"

- Jo Ledingham, on Tender Napalm

Tender Napalm. Photo credit: David Cooper

"...Hesselgrave is bewitching to watch"

- Christina Pontikis, vancouverweekly.com on Tender Napalm

"...a searing performance"

- Larry Wasserman, vancouverplays.com on STATIONARY

Speech & Debate. Photo credit: Matt Reznek

"Playing Diwata, Claire Hesselgrave is a firecracker. Performing comedy is all about commitment to weird logic

and Hesselgrave is committed to Diwata’s logic like a pit bull is committed to hanging on. And Hesselgrave’s

timing, her changes of direction, are so whip-fast, they feel like they could break your neck...

...It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a thorough and charismatic comic performance." 

- Colin Thomas on Speech & Debate

Love Stories. Photo Credit: Brad Proudlove

"...the hilarious Claire Hesselgrave...manages to find an almost eerie balance between the lines of adolescence and adulthood...

...Hesselgrave owns that quirkiness,

never allowing her to become a caricature."    

- Mark Robins, gayvancouver.net on Speech & Debate

"Hesselgrave finds rewarding eccentricity in Hermia..."    

- Colin Thomas on A Midsummer Night's Dream